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Terms of rental

Regulations for renting a vehicle Rental Company, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, makes available to the Lessee the vehicle described in the agreement. The Lessor has familiarized the Lessee with the technical condition of the vehicle and the Lessee declares that the condition of the vehicle does not raise any objections, and the object of the agreement is ready for further usage.

The Rentee declares that :

  • accepts full responsibility before the Lessor for compliance and fulfillment of all the provisions contained in this agreement
  • has a valid driver’s license and other documents, which he submitted to the Lessor
  • all data necessary to conclude the rental agreement provided by the Lessee are true

The Rentee undertakes :

  • to return the vehicle in the condition in which he rented it, i.e. clean and refuelled

If the car is clean only inside or outside, the Lessor will charge a fee equal to half the rate for washing the car.

  • to pay all charges indicated by the Lessor related with bringing the vehicle to its original state, e.g.: washing, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • In random cases, according to the findings of the Lessor the statement setting the form and date of settlement.
  • To agree and approve with the Lessor the extension of the rental period.

Each hour of delay in the process of vehicle return will be counted as additional service (after working hours). In such a case the Lessor on the basis of the effective rates will add the delay to the amount of the bill, where 1 hour – is 20% of the daily rate, 2 hours – 30% of the daily rate, 3 hours – 40% of the daily rate. After the third hour of delay, a fee for the next day will be charged.

  • after the end of the rental period the Client should hand over the vehicle specified in the agreement to the Renter in a fully operational condition without any requests
  • additional fee for refueling service in case of lack of fuel return by the Rentee is 70 pln + vat, fuel price (5,50pln per 1l) using the vehicle fully at own expense and in accordance with the rules of proper exploitation
  • covering of all repair costs caused by improper exploitation of the car, including using the car in a way incompatible with the rental agreement terms
  • covering of all the costs of repairing the vehicle outside Poland, in the country more than 350 km away from Wrocław
  • using the vehicle in a way that guarantees maintaining it in a state of full technical efficiency as well as taking care of the aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the vehicle
  • The Customer may drive the vehicle only if he or she is not under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic drugs or other stimulants
  • not to use the vehicle in any way that might result in cancellation of the insurance policy with which he has become acquainted
  • to protect the vehicle against theft or damage, in a manner generally accepted as particularly careful
  • it is forbidden to interfere in any part of the vehicle or to attempt to repair it on your own without notifying the Lessor (the only exception is replacing a punctured wheel); violation of this rule will result in a penalty of 3000 PLN being charged for breach of contract
  • it is forbidden to act on behalf of the Lessor
  • covering the costs of any fines, fees, etc. received by the Rentee and/or the driver of the vehicle; the Rentee bears full and complete responsibility in this aspect; the obligation is on the Rentee until the day of payment of the fines
  • each time securing (removing) the control panel of the radio
  • immediately informing the Lessor about :
    • theft, loss or damage of the vehicle
    • appearing defects in the functioning of the vehicle, including a flat tire
    • received penalties
    • lost keys and vehicle documents
    • in case of theft of the vehicle, loss or damage to the vehicle it is necessary to immediately inform the Police and the Renter about the incident
    • The Lessor shall not be responsible for the items left in the rented car.
    • In case of lack of possibility of “payment of the deposit/deposit by the Rentee with the pre-authorization option” or with a payment or credit card, the Rentee bears the costs of the bank commission in the amount of 1,9 – 4,8% from the option “sale on a credit card reader

Conditions for using the vehicle :

  • The vehicle may not be used by a person other than the Rentee and indicated in the agreement as a user unless such person has been previously accepted by the Renter. If the fact is revealed that the vehicle has been used by a person other than the one indicated in the agreement, the Rentee will be charged a fine of 2000PLN for violation of the agreement terms.
  • The vehicle may not be used in a manner differing from its usual use, and in particular:
    • sublet
    • use in racing, training, rallying, competitions, speed testing, driving lessons,
    • use for pulling trailers
    • use for towing or pushing other vehicles
    • use for the carriage of dangerous or prohibited goods
    • use against the law,
    • the vehicle may not leave the territory of Poland without the Lessor’s consent
    • The rental period may be prolonged only upon consent of the Lessor
    • smoking is absolutely forbidden in the vehicle

Renter’s responsibility :

The Rentee undertakes to cover the costs related to liquidation of damages caused to the vehicle or related to vehicle loss in the amount of:

  • 3000 PLN in case of necessity of elimination of damages from the insurance policy
  • up to the amount of damage incurred if the damage is not covered by the insurance policy
  • in case of theft of a radio with control panel to the amount of the value (selling price) of the lost type or a type of a similar class in case of no access on the market or discontinuance of production
  • deductible in any damage is 3000 PLN; any damage to the vehicle up to 3000 PLN is covered by the Renter
  • The Renter may be exempted from the deductible and removal costs from the insurance policy and from bearing responsibility for damages up to 3000 PLN after purchasing additional insurance calculated according to separate daily rates.

If the damage, loss or destruction of the vehicle or its parts is caused intentionally or due to serious negligence on the part of the Rentee, or by failure to execute or observe the terms of the agreement, the Rentee bears full financial responsibility towards the Renter. The Rentee agrees for processing of his personal data included in the agreement for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as for transferring the data to third parties, especially for insurance purposes, according to the Act dated 29.08.1997 “On Protection of Personal Data”.

Lessor’s responsibility

The Rentor undertakes to :

  • in case of immobilization of the vehicle or impossibility to continue driving due to defects in its functioning to provide the Rentee with assistance in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy:

The scope of protection includes :

  • towing to a service point or to a place of residence
  • repairing the vehicle on the spot (excluding spare parts and fuel costs)
  • organization and coverage of costs of renting a replacement car for the time of vehicle repair, not longer, however, than 3 days (excluding fuel costs, insurance and other charges)
  • organization and coverage of accommodation costs for the time of vehicle repair but not longer than 4 hotel nights
  • organization and coverage of travel costs to the place of residence
  • organization and covering of costs of supplying appropriate fuel (except for fuel costs) in the amount necessary to drive to the nearest station
  • The benefits specified under points b), c) and d) may not be used jointly in relation to the same event
    • in the event of the loss of keys to the vehicle, to provide a spare set of keys but at the Renter’s expense
    • in the event of a flat tire, to provide appropriate assistance at the request of the hirer and for an additional charge

The Lessor provides insurance in accordance with the insurance policy against civil liability (OC) only to those persons who use the vehicle with his consent. The Lessor is not responsible for the items left or transported in the vehicle. The Rentor reserves the right to immediate collection of the vehicle from the Rentee at his/her own expense in case of stating that the vehicle is used in violation of the terms of this agreement. In such case the Rentee is obligated to pay the total rental costs. Including total or partial loss of the deposit collected by the Lessor. Any changes to the Contract require an annex in writing under pain of nullity. In matters not regulated by this Contract, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply. Any disputes arising from the execution of the contract shall be submitted by the parties to the court competent for the Lessor.

Long Term Rental Terms :

  1. long-term rental is a solution for companies that:
    • are starting their business
    • intend to reduce costs
    • are restructuring their company
    • work seasonally
    • cannot afford to buy an expensive car
  2. the company does not bear the following costs:
    • initial and handling charges (in case of loan or lease)
    • interest rate (as above)
    • AC/OC/NW insurance
    • warranty and post-warranty services in ASO
    • seasonal replacement of tires, oil, filters, etc.
    • loss of value of the vehicle upon sale, the vehicle is returned to the lessor
    • in case of breakdown or collision due to the fault of another driver you will immediately receive another car
  3. other benefits of long-term rental :
    • the car rental company liquidates the traffic damage for the renter
    • The company avoids long and cumbersome procedures of borrowing and leasing the vehicle(s).
    • The company pays only a fixed monthly rate throughout the rental period.
    • the company receives a single invoice as a cost
    • for companies with a smaller number of vehicles:
      – the company benefits from discounts negotiated by the rental company with dealers and always has new vehicles
    • for companies with a large number of vehicles:
      – the company reduces costs and simplifies the problem of fleet management

results in :

  • a clear and predictable car fleet management calculation
  • the company only pays a fixed monthly rate and the necessary operating costs such as fuel, light bulbs, windscreen washer fluid
  • The contract is concluded for a minimum of 1 month (30 days) or its multiple
  • we calculate rates and mileage limits individually for the customer, we order a specific car model and on request we sticker it with an advertisement


In case of shortening the long-term rental, the customer will be charged a handling fee of 25% of the difference between the declared and actual rental period.

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